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Connect deeply to your body, mind & soul

Dance is my way to discover, empower and process experiences. And I would love to share that with you!


With my knowledge and experience I offer you support in listening to what your body has to tell you


I will guide you towards expression and empowerment of your essence

- Janneke -

Embodied Coach, Therapist and Dancer


The Body Knows

Experience the power of creativity, passion and deep connection with yourself


Meet yourself in your body, dance, storytelling and performance


I'll show you the way to yourself, to your authenticity, self-esteem, intuition and (body) wisdom

Do you want to make time and space every day to do your own ritual, tailored to your needs, intentions and flow?

In this e-book you will find tips and music to help you make your own ritual!

Ebook - Sacred Dance Rituals


Online coaching program 

Embody your focus and flow, experience in an artistic way where you can find more balance, focus on your intentions for 2021 and integrate it into your life!


Starts on February 11

New Balance in 2021 - Focus & Flow


Dancing Portret-Express Yourself InsideOut

Connect with your feminine essence in your body, dance and storytelling and make yourself visible, authentically and confidently, to yourself, to the world in a film or photo portrait



Wow, how special how dance makes you feel, really lets you feel what is happening in your body, and how you can connect beautifully with the other through dance.

It was nice how Janneke felt what was right in the flow in a warm atmosphere. Tastes for more!


I have been given wonderful tools to hear the desires of my body and to know how I can respond to this;


to express my creativity from movement, or stillness,


but I also learned to play again for the first time in a long time!


Themes that I normally do not touch, but do play a role in my life came into the picture.


These sessions where to the point and  liberating !!




Studio 19 is a beautiful light, atmospheric studio where, in addition to my own offer, also activities by other coaches and teachers with workshops and events aimed at mindfulness, movement, expression and personal development.

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