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Your Dancing Portrait
Empowerment of the feminine 


Do you feel a desire to open yourself up to more

self-love, confidence and visibility?

Connect to your Feminine Essence


Experience yourself on a deeper level

beyond the words

in your body

in your passion

in your sensuality

in your unique expression


from the Heart

from Desire

Let it move

Inside Out

Show yourself


Show it to the world

Express Your Story - Inside Out


Together we dive into your story that wants to show itself in your movement; raw, refined, sensual, soft or powerful.


We will then set a chosen theme in motion that you feel blocked or want to give more visibility to.


Themes include self-esteem, taking up space, individuality, creativity, body experience.


We ignore perfectionism, where uncensored dancing and movement based on your desire for freedom, passion and self-will is paramount.


I would love to help you gain more insight into your body language Embrace your personal expression.


Transform your blockages And embody your desires I'm happy to help you tell your story Make yourself visible Powerful, vulnerable

The Empowerment of the Feminine

WHom is this program for?

  • Open-minded and brave women who want to break through their blockages on the body and womanhood and want to put themselves in the light.

  • Women who want to develop further and want to live from their intuition and heart desires.

  • Women who want to show themselves, authentic and confident.

  • It is for every woman big and small, size more or less, soft or powerful.


  • You do not have to be an experienced dancer, but you do have a great affinity with dance.


How does the program work?

3 months -  1 on 1 coaching 

  • An exclusive program for transformation of blockages, insight into yourself and empowerment to shape your story in dance.

  • We start the session with a discussion about you and your desires. Then with a warm up and we work out your theme in the body and dance, ending with a review of the session with text or creative reflections to deepen your experiences. Slowly we work towards shaping your dance story, this can be in improvisation or in a choreography, depending on what suits you best. This ensures validation and integration of your feminine power.

  • You will receive coaching on your body awareness, your feelings in dance and self-confidence in presentation.

Dancing Portrait

  • To conclude, there will be a film and / or photo shoot with a professional, in which you will be beautifully portrayed Your own film and / or portrait as a final product to take home


  • You will receive Sacred Dance Rituals and tools for daily practice

  • I am available for questions and feedback by email




 3 months Coaching incl. fotoshoot & Film Portret

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