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Embodiment Coaching for Expats

Express, Release & ReConnect

A coaching aproach for expats who might struggle with stressmanagement, feelings of disconnection in work & daily life or finding roots on new ground.

How to move from your mind to your body

recover by releasing energy & emotions

and connecting to the wisdom of your body

Discover in embodiment coaching & dance - movement therapy:

1) more sense of self, self-reliance and resilience

2) finding joy, meaning and vitality

3) expressing feelings through dance, drawing and movement


You will:

- develop more body-consciousness

- make your subconscious visible in movement

- set feelings and blockages in motion

- experience and recognize polarities within yourself

- increase confidence & intuition

- find your way to creativity and expression

- empower and manifest your desires

You notice that you will start to shape your life with more confidence, intuition and flow!

The Method

Dance Movement Therapy and body-oriented therapy focuses on the connection of the mind and body. We will use exercises, dance and movement improvisation, creative reflections and physical techniques together with reflecting. 


Those methods help to release the tension and give insight of what is negatively affecting your physical and emotional wellbeing. In body-based therapy, attention is given to the relationship between the physical symptom and what is going on in your life. 

1 on 1 Sessions

1 on 1 coaching or Therapy Sessions:

  • 3 Dance & Draw Sessions

  • 5 to 10 Diving Deep Sessions

Group program

Or a group that will start when there are at least 4 participants:

4 - 8 persons per group. Please contact me for details. 

Location: Studio 19, Hurksestraat 19, Eindhoven

You are welcome to come to call me for an intake!


Janneke Bexkens

Dance is the mirror of your inner world, your soul.

The body speaks and wants to be seen in connection, passion and freedom. Your natural, spontaneous movement provides access to your subconscious and your vitality.

With my background in mental health care, clinical work and Master in DanceTherapy, and as a body-oriented coach and therapist I love to guide others through expression and creativity on the way to your body and emotional life. 

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