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RELATIonship Therapy

How close can your partner be?

Physically and mentally? Do you take the lead or do you prefer to follow the other? You may tell your partner something else, non-verbally, than you actually show in body language..

Wat kan het voor jou betekenen?

Relationship Therapy

When you are looking for support in emotional availability as a couple. The need for emotional safety, trust and intimacy, but also autonomy and  individuality whitin a relationship are key in this therapy.


Relationship Therapy can be of help to you when:

  • Words are not enough to solve issues

  • You are looking to deepen your security, trust & intimacy

  • You want clarity in autonomy and authenticity

  • You rae looking for  balance in giving and receiving

How does it work?

During the process we work from various tools, such as:

  • Movement analysis

  • Contact and body exercises

  • Dance and play

  • Constellations

  • Emotionally Focussed Therapy For Couples (EFT)

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