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Moving into Balance

A psychotherapeutic and body-oriented group therapy in which you (together with others) restore the balance in thinking, feeling and doing.

Wat kan het voor jou betekenen?

Are you stuck because you are suffering from insecurity, overload, perfectionism, being unable to feel enough or being overwhelmed by emotions, gloom, tension or anxiety?


Are you looking for a group therapy that offers new insights and experiences from body awareness, movement expression and creativity?


Then this process may be appropriate for you, I will help you;


  • Make contact with your body awareness

  • Embrace and express your emotions

  • Ground, let go and slow down

  • To experience and monitor your own boundaries

  • Explore your needs and possibilities

  • Strengthen authenticity and autonomy

  • Develop self-esteem

  • Develop self-care

Meer informatie

How it works

Moving into Balance is a psychotherapeutic and body-oriented offer in which you restore the balance in thinking, feeling and doing.

As a dance and movement therapist I look at your body language and I use (laban) movement analysis to map your patterns and complaints.

I use relaxation and dance expression exercises, authentic movement, active meditations, creative work forms, conversation and homework exercises.


Plan kennismakingsgesprek
Er kan momenteel niets worden gereserveerd


Ik heb ervaren hoe goed mijn lichaam reageert op beweging; beweging die bij mij past. Het haalt mij uit de verstilling, waardoor er verandering kan plaatsvinden.


Ik heb prachtige tools aangereikt gekregen om de verlangens van mijn lichaam te horen èn te weten hoe ik hierop kan reageren

in beweging, verstilling en vanuit creativiteit 

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