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Dance Movement Therapy

Learn to discover your own emotions , creativity and (new) qualities by movement, dance and play.  Put your mind in motion so that it can heal itself.

Wat kan het voor jou betekenen?

By discovering your own body expression, creativity and qualities, new experiences can be gained.

Dance & Movement Therapy works for you when you:


  • Are looking for an experiential therapy

  • Better contact with your body and feelings

  • Want to better understand, express and process your emotions

  • Better communication, assertiveness and cooperation with your immediate environment

  • You want to feel more confident and authentic 

This is how it works

Based on the movement analysis, we look very practically at how we can integrate the insights into your daily life.

The tools we use to achieve this are:


  • Movement analysis (Laban)

  • Dance and contact improvisation

  • Mindfulness in motion

  • Authentic Movement

  • Composition and Constellations

  • Play, creative writing and drawing

  • eRlaxation and imagery exercises

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I have been given wonderful tools to hear the desires of my body and to know how I can react to this; express movement, silence, creativity


I have experienced how well my body responds to movement; movement that suits me. It takes me out of the stillness, so that change can take place.

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