New Balance in 2021

Focus & Flow

Right now, is a great time to find your balance

and set your intentions for 2021

Time to check where you’re at and want to move to:

in flow, effortlessly dancing your own way through

all the changes that occur.

To get into a good flow, you need focus. At the same time you need playfulness, centering and relaxation to charge yourself to focus again.

A true balance isn’t fixed, it is flexible and moves elegantly around a center of gravity: between Focus and Flow

  • Do you feel that you want to manifest not only from your mind, but also from your body wisdom, creativity and intuition?

  • Do you want to find the right focus in your life from relaxation, receiving and flow?

  • Do you want to experience the magic of dance, meditation and visual work?

  • Do you not want to sit still at home, but do you want to keep developing and stimulate your creative, playful side? Out of your head, back to your heart, your body?

janneke bexkens

Discover your balance by the wisdom

of dance and creativity

The Arts will integrate on een deeper level in your body and soul. 

New rituals create new paths in your brain.

So, you are going to experience your new balance rather than only thinking it out.


Session 1 & 2: Experience when you are in Flow and Focus and where your blockages are


Session 3 & 4: Experience how you can transform the blockages and create more balance in yourself and your life


Session 5 & 6: Convert your intentions into dance and image and manifest from your balance in 2021

What will this online program bring you?


  • Flow, joy, relaxation and trust in yourself

  • Focus at the right moments

  • Less in your head, more in your body

  • Feel and work with the power of creativity

  • Feel tuned in to your body wisdom, creativity and expression

  • Balance in yin & yang, flow & focus, inside and outside, action and relaxation

  • Playfully developing your own tools for the right balance in your life

  • Set clear and motivating goals to integrate balance in 2021


Janneke Bexkens

Dance is the mirror of your inner world, your soul.

The body speaks and wants to be seen in connection, passion, and freedom. Your natural, spontaneous movement provide an entrance to your sub-consiousness and your vitality.

My need for a deep connection with myself and to give authentic expression to what goes on in me, that is what I wish for  you too.

As a dance and life coach and therapist I love to guide you by expression and creativity in the path to your body and emotional life.

Nienke Vording

Art ignites and warms the soul, brings you in connection with yourself.

What I love about working artfully, is that you get out of your head and into heart and joy. Working with my hands, I experience connection, liveliness and a natural dignity within me.

Fun, expression, beauty, silence and being outside are important ingredients for my life.

As artistic dynamic coach, with my roots in design and bodywork, I love to let you experience that fun too. Guiding you to depict with gusto what lives in you and wants to take shape in your life.

Het Programstarts on 11 februari


  • It’s a 6 week online program on facebook and zoom

  • Monday at 10 o'clock a live session body & expression by Janneke

  • Thursday at 10 o'clock a live session art & creativity by Nienke

  • All sessions are available to review during 12 weeks, so you can also follow the program in your own pace. 

  • You get personal feedback and coaching aligned your process

  • 2 x a live Q&A for all your questions, inspiration and tips

  • You get a package with art tools send to you address to start at home

" I felt more energized and lighter after a sessions" 


" There is no such thing as a panacea, but there is one that suits you. There was the way she dances herself and guides you." 


" From freedom, light and airy, natural and real. She is herself. I have now been able to make my own ritual to achieve balance It is nice to give space to desires from feeling, instead of from thinking." 

"I have been given wonderful tools to hear the desires of my body and to know how I can respond to this; to express my creativity from movement, or stillness, but I also learned to play again for the first time in a long time!" 



345 euro

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  • Dance & Draw - Your Portrait - One Day Retreat
    13 mei 10:00 – 15:30
    Studio 19
  • Dance & Draw Combi - 13 & 23 mei
    13 mei 10:00 – 15:30
    Studio 19
  • Dance & Draw - Manifest Your Purpose - One Day Retreat
    23 mei 10:00 – 15:30 CEST
    Studio 19
  • Ticket - regulier - Dance & Draw Silence Retreat
    25 jun. 17:00 CEST – 27 jun. 17:00 CEST
    Janneke Bexkens, PLAN-B, Hurksestraat 19, Eindhoven, Nederland
  • Early Bird Ticket (voor 10 mei) - Dance & Draw Silence Retreat
    25 jun. 17:00 CEST – 27 jun. 17:00 CEST
    Janneke Bexkens, PLAN-B, Hurksestraat 19, Eindhoven, Nederland